GreenMAX DRC Room Control System 2018

Open Office with Cubicles

featuring GreenMAX® DRC Room Control System

Open Office with Cubicles GreenMAX DRC Room Control System

  • Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing
  • Multi-Zone Daylight Harvesting
  • Manual Control
  • Scene Control
  • Time Switch Control
  • Partial-ON
List of Equipment
  1. (Qty 1) GreenMAX DRC Room Controller DRC00-0L0
  2. (Qty 6) DRC Smart Pack DRD07-ED0
  3. (Qty 4) GreenMAX DRC Digital Sensor OSR05-ICW
  4. (Qty 2) GreenMAX DRC 4 Button Digital Switch DRKDN-C4W