Relay Control 2012

Retail Space

featuring EZ-MAX® Plus Relay Control Panel, Renoir™ II Dimming & Track Light Limiting Panel


  • Relay Control
  • Separate Control for Display Lighting
  • Vacancy or Occupancy Sensing with Auto-OFF
  • Architectural 1-10V Dimming Entry Station
  • Daylight Harvesting with Photocell
  • Configuration Tree Setup
  • Astronomical Time Clock
  • Scheduling (Behavior Control)
  • Demand Response
  • HVAC and Emergency Interface
List of Equipment
  1. (Qty 1) EZ-MAX Plus Relay Control Panel R08BD-L08
  2. (Qty 1) Track Light Limiting Panel GXXXX-1XX
  3. (Qty 2) Renoir II Wall Station Dimmer Note: The Renoir II Wall Station Dimmer is available for all common load types, voltages and sink styles, Visit for a complete list of part numbers
  4. (Qty 1) Low Voltage Switch 00LVS-05W
  5. (Qty 1) Dimming Photocell ODC0P-D0W